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this is the description for my fanfic I’m going to start. it’s a very serious topic and may be triggering so once I start writing it, please do not read if you uncomfortable with it. xx

The first time I ever heard her voice, I was standing at the edge of a building not too far from my house. With the phone firmly pressed to my ear, I watched the continuous movement of cars and varieties of people pass below me on the streets. They all seemed to know exactly where they were going and what their purpose was for them to go there, unlike me. I was lost. I was lost inside the twists and turns of the darkness that consumed my mind without a hint of direction, but it didn’t bother me like it should’ve. It never did. What bothered me was that I didn’t have someone to guide me out of the dangerous territory that I always seemed to be trapped inside. I didn’t have someone to grab my hand and pull me out of the water before it pooled in my lungs…that is, until I met her.

Sorry for not updating, I’m honestly awful because I usually don’t like anything I write and I start new fics without finishing the old ones but yeah I’m writing a fanfic rn that I’m not going to publish until I have a few chapters written so that way I can’t quit writing it. Breaking point didn’t have a very good prologue and it was also rushed that’s why I don’t like the story. I’m sorry for never finishing anything:(

Breaking Point - Eight

HIII so I’m trying to come up with a better plot twist or something to make this more Interesting & I’m sorry this hasn’t been updated much. I just got stuck but I’ll try to update more often. I’m also about to Write a Michael fanfic so if you want to read that feel free ;)

Previous chapter :


“Forget the

ones that

forget you.”

- Luke -

"Wake up!" Calum yelled in my ear, furiously smacking me with a pillow.

"What do you want?" I groaned, clicking the home button on my phone to see what time it was. "It’s 8:30 what the fuck are you doing?"

"We have a big day today so get dressed." He commanded, leaving the room with a smile on his face, satisfied that he had woken me up.

I groaned but peeled myself from my bed, walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Just as I had put the toothbrush in my mouth, Michael barged into the bathroom, unzipping his pants as he passed me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, my voice muffled by the toothbrush.

"I have to piss?" He responded like I was a complete dumbass for even asking. I spit into the sink, focusing on rinsing my mouth instead of Michael who apparently didn’t care about privacy.

Michael finished his business and washed his hands while I fixed my hair in the mirror. “You couldn’t wait until I was done in here to piss?” I laughed and he shook his head, leaving the bathroom.

"You take forever to get ready." He called after his shoulder and I rolled my eyes. I didn’t take that long.

"What are we doing today anyways?" I wondered, walking into the kitchen where Calum and Michael were sat eating Lucky Charms.

"Going to see the lads." Calum responded, his mouth full of cereal so I could barely understand him.

"Great." I mumbled. "Is, uh, Harry going to be there?" I stupidly asked and Michael looked at me with his eyes slightly squinted.

"You ask a lot of dumb questions." He noted, shoveling a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. "Of course he’s going to be there and I assume Riley will be too so man up and stop avoiding your problems." He continued and I glared at him, folding my arms over my chest.

"Don’t talk with your mouth full." I grinned, sitting down at the table with them.

Michael flicked me off before telling Calum a joke I couldn’t hear, making him spit out his cereal all over the table.

"Calum!" I screamed as I wiped the milk from my face with my hands. "What the fuck!"

"It was an accident." He laughed, clutching his stomach the same way Michael was.

"Ashton! Calum made a mess!" I yelled.

"Ashton’s not here." Michael said, his laughter dying down.

I raised my eyebrows. “Where is he?”

"He went down to the venue we are playing tonight to hangout with the Riley before the boys get there."


- Riley -

"He’s really tore up about it all." Ashton told me, messing around with his practice drums.

"He should be." I shrugged, only feeling slightly guilty about having little to no sympathy for him. "I wasn’t the one who forgot him."

"You could’ve tried harder.." He trailed off, avoiding eye contact with me.

"I did! I tried all the time to get in contact with you guys!" I yelled, frustrated with all of this and how everyone seemed to be blaming me.

"Okay! Jesus, I was just saying." Ashton defended, raising his hands up in defense as I glared at him.

In all honestly I wanted to go find Luke and hug him and tell him everything was okay but I’ve always been one to hold a grudge so the other half of me just wanted to pretend like he didn’t exist. The other half of me just wanted to forget about him like he did to me.

"Helloooo?" Ashton said, throwing a drum stick at me.

"What the hell?" I shrieked, picking the drum stick off the floor and chucking it back at him much harder than he had done to me.

"Hey! No need to be so violent I was just trying to get your attention! God damn Riley find some chill." Ashton huffed, standing up from the still he had been sitting on and walking out of the room, dragging me along behind him by my wrist.

"What are we doing?" I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows as he led me into the parking lot.

"We are going to find Lucas Hemmings and you’re going to make up with him." He grinned at me while unlocking his car.

"But Harry is inside!" I replied, not really knowing how else to get out of this. I didn’t want to see Luke.


“He needs me to stay here.” I shrugged and Ashton rolled his eyes at me, obviously knowing I was bullshitting him before picking me up and shoving me into the car.

"This is basically kidnapping! I hope you know that!" I groaned as he jumped in the drivers seat and started to engine.

"No this is called mending friendships." He giggled, turning up ‘Holiday’ by Green Day and pulling out of the lot.

"I hate you."