empire-ofthe-sun asked:

hello there! I've been reading your imagines for a while, you're amazing btw. I'd like to start reading breaking point but the prologue is not available. Could you pleaaasee post it again??!? Idk what time is there but have a good day!!!

Yeah! I switched my user for tumblr so it messed up all of my imagines so I might have to repost them. I’ll get the link once I’m home and post it and also send it to you in a separate message :)

Anonymous asked:

Please continue breaking point! I love that fanfic so much

I’m almost positive I’ll continue it, I just won’t have it on Wattpad and it will just be on Tumblr :) I’m working on a update for it and I’m struggling but I’ll have something ready soon!

Help - fanfics

Should I keep writing breaking point? I have another fic that I’ve already written a few chapters but I’m not publishing it because I literally erase every fic I write and idk if I should continue breaking point because not many people really read it anyways. I could erase it off Wattpad and keep it on here maybe?